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I am Ananda Prasad Bandaru

Full-stack developer with more than 15 years of experience leading both front-end and back-end development + Knowledge on Azure cloud migrations & implementations.

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Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals
Certification Number: H535-7327
Microsoft Certified: Azure IoT Developer Specialty
Certification Number: H552-8468
Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Fundamentals
Certification Number: H542-8195
Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate
Certification Number: H579-3073
Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals
Certification Number: H538-0576
Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals
Certification Number: H540-3988
Microsoft® Certified Technology Specialist: SharePoint 2010, Application Development
Certification Number: D616-5753
Certified SAFe 4 Agilist
Certification Number: 78329811-8467
Microsoft Certified Professional
Certification Number: F219-1182
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  1. CLOUD

    My journey with cloud started with Azure during SharePoint 2013 days when there was a need to host a custom API in cloud. From then on, it was continuous learning in Azure world from VMs to Web Apps to Azure Information Protection to Cognitive APIs.


    Since the experience I was acquiring from work on cloud was limited, I started my certification journey & I was able to learn few things.
    • CosmosDB, SQL DB, Gateways
    • IoT & digital Twins
    • AKS, ACR, Azure Web Apps with Docker
    • Logic Apps & Azure functions
    • Event Hubs, Grids
    • Administration, Virtual Machines, Scale Sets
    • Azure Machine Learning, Log Analytics, Azure Monitoring, Load Balancer
    • Networking concepts like VNET, Subnets, DNS, NSG


    • EC2 instances setup
    • Route 53 & Load Balancers
    • Seting up Docker hosts
    • SageMaker, AWS Rekognition & TensorFlow

    Google Cloud:

    Off late I started looking into Kubernetes services of google & I have successfully implemented a project which uses below:
    • Google Identity Management
    • Google Firebase
    • Google FireStore
    • Google Functions
    The best learning I did that covers all cloud platforms is Terraform.
    • I like ARM templates but Terraform is dope :-)

    Since I started as a Web Designer after my graduation, even if I am doing other workw, I still am connected to design. I have good knowledge of HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, ReactJS, AngularJS, Responsive Design, Tailwind, Bootstrap.

    I also have expertise in fine tuning sites for PWA validation, integration of various APIs, OAuth frameworks, Service Workers in front end development. You can throw in Windows Forms UI design as well.

    I am good at UI in general & the UX portion mostly comes from the clients.

    For me, Tailwind has revolutionized my approach towards Responsive web Design.


    ASP.NET with C# was my main forte. Apart from it PHP during my initial days. Now a days it is mostly NodeJS, NextJS, Python with Flask modules. Most of my backend work was done in SharePoint which again uses ASP.NET C# for server side coding. I do have little exposure to Java Spring boot which I used to develop API layer for one project.


    I am heavily involved in development of automation scripts (mostly using PowerShell) & worked on customized Windows Forms based solutions. Most of the developments are w.r.t time saving & automation.

    I did many integrations using Web Services, WCF, REST APIs, SignalR. Used a bit of Dell Bhoomi, MS BizTalk & JitterBit middle layers.

    Worked on RPA solutions & most of my work was using MS Power Automate Desktop with custom PowerShells.

    I can do bash as well.


    I have working knowledge on Informatica & mostly worked on SSRS, SSIS, DTS packages. Within SharePoint it was Performance Point. Off late, I am completly into Power BI right from development, modeling, deployment, monitoring.

  1. Sr. Software Engineer

    Master Minds Consulting Services LLC

    Responsible for migration of legacy ASP.NET + Oracle application to vendor platform. Creation of Azure Logic Apps for ETL operations. I maintain Azure ADO Pipelines for infrastructure related to project. I interact with Business users to understand data, create model & finally deliver complex Power BI Reports. This role was more of a fill-all one where-in I had to learn what the cross-technical team is doing & then support\substitute them when needed.

    Below are some of the key takeaways:

    • Azure Logic Apps
    • Azure ADO Pipelines with Ansible roles
    • Power BI Reports & Modeling
    • Microsoft Power Automate
    • Shell Scrpits
    • PowerShell Scripts
    • Azure Data Factory
  2. Software Engineer

    InfoVision Inc

    This was short & dynamic job where-in I managed to work on multiple things. There were 3-5 different Technologies that I had to cover in a single day. Some of the notable ones were Ionic application development with Facial Recognition & Azure Digital Twins. Did also manage to work on Java Spring boot application which acted as a middle API layer for ReactJS based aplication.

    Below are some of the key takeaways:

    • AWS EC2, Sage Maker & Rekognition
    • Docker
    • Power BI Reports
    • Python with Flask
    • Ionic with AngularJS
    • Image detection using TensorFlow
    • Azure Cognitive APIs
    • Azure Web App Service
    • ReactJS
    • Android Application Development
    • Azure IoT & Digital Twins Integration
    • Java Spring Boot
  3. System Architect

    Tech Mahindra Americas

    In this role, I was responsible for SharePoint migration for on-premises to Online, implement Single search portal with integration of multiple on-premises sources, reducing Infrastructure costs using vendor application that was fully architectured by me in terms of physical architecture, archiving old document into records center, implement Azure Information Management and DLP policies for information security, configuring Microsoft Cloud App Security for monitoring & creating a collaboration SharePoint portal for articles with CHAOS integration. Notable execution was related to creation of Migration Suite tool using Win Forms that helped client migrate & validate 3600 Site Collections to Online.

    Below are some of the key takeaways:

    • Microsoft Power Automate
    • SharePoint On-premises & Online
    • MicroFocus ControlPoint & Content Manager
    • Azure Information Protection (AIP)
    • Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS)
    • PowerShell Scripts
    • Windows Forms
    • Azure Log Analytics & alerts.
    • SSAS & Power BI Reports
    • Migrate Suite Pro - Development
    • Metalogix Content Matrix
    • SharePoint Search configuration w/ CEWS & BI Gateway.
  4. Tech Specialist

    Tech Mahindra

    This was hardcore SharePoint. Though there were places where we could have skipped using SP, we couldn't due to client. There were many fun & serious apps. Main one was digitization of entire client's paperwork to online inside SharePoint application. The fun projects implementing Time Tracker system in sharepoint with Swipt system data & Tender system which was handling FIFA 2022 stadium constructions & many more. Challenging one was to develop a realtime application & then convert into an easily consumable framework across Web & Windows applications. Another feather was framework (abstraction layer) development inside SharePoint which integrated with Tivoli AD & Web Seal.

    Below are some of the key takeaways:

    • Application Architecture Design
    • SharePoint Development & Integrations
    • SharePoint Administration
    • Customized SharePoint Grid development.
    • Complete SP Branding
    • Realtime application architecture & development - SignalR
    • Creating no down-time framework for Oracle apps.
    • PowerShell Scripts
    • SharePoint Farm maintenance tool & SCOM
  5. IT Consultant

    Logica Pvt Ltd (CGI)

    This was complete SharePoint focused role where in I further enhanced my SP skills.

    Below are some of the key takeaways:

    • SharePoint Development
    • Complete SP Branding
    • Integrations with SAP & SSIS
    • Setting up SP in Cloud (AWS)
    • PowerShell Scripts
  6. Technology Analyst

    Infosys Technologies

    This was my school in a way. Started off with Asp.Net app based on SQL Server & then quickly moved to SharePoint & it was hell of a ride. Right from setting up SP in the office in Farm configuration, installing SQL to development, integration & deployment. I had to be awake many nights. Thanks to my family for the support during this learning curve. There were many client specific tools with which I had to integrate and then use some of their tools to develop too. At the end after all the effort, I came out as a better IT guy since here you get to follow process to the core.

    Below are some of the key takeaways:

    • SharePoint 2010
    • Timerjobs, Features, Workflows & many more SP features.
    • SharePoint Administration, Installation & Farm setup.
    • PowerShell
    • JQuery & Complete SP Branding
    • Integrations with Octopus & Source Depot
    • WIX learning & Development
    • ASP.NET with Infragistics for Ticket monitoring
  7. Analyst Programmer

    Syntel India Ltd (now CGI)

    This was my first so called MNC role. Had to work a lot initially since my starting position was on a integration module which was a customized framework developed on top of .NET. It had its own IDE & coding methodologies. Team was like 250+ & so it was fun w.r.t learning & interactions. During my end of my tenure here, I mostly worked on Data, office reports automation with Windows Forms. Throw in some maintenance of already developed Asp.Net application. But toughest part was migrating MS Access Queries to SQL 2005 queries. I created lots of DTS packages but at the end had to convert them to SSIS packages. (good thing that SSIS had option to execute DTS packages. It reduced lot of effort)

    Below are some of the key takeaways:

    • HAF Framework
    • ASP.NET, Windows Forms
    • Microsoft Access DB, Microsoft SQL Server
    • DTS Packages & SSIS
    • Office Automation
    • Integrations & Testing
    • Business Objects & SSRS Reports
  8. Software Engineer

    Threshold Software Solutions

    This was my first job & it was learning all day. Glad that I worked here since it has exposed me to lots of areas. This was the job that made me a full stack developer but not limiting my work to a particular area like front-end, back-end, admin or network. Most of my projects done here were Shopping carts based on Php & MySQL. Every one of them had customized back-end Admin's Content Management System as well. Since I was a fresher, I wasn't given the final payments CRUD operation part as it was handled by seniors. (I always wanted to know what they were doing :-))

    Below are some of the key takeaways:

    • Graphic Designing
    • Web Designing
    • PHP + MySQL with WAMP & LAMP
    • ASP.NET & Windows Forms
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • JavaScript & Ajax programming

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